Handy type

Handy Wiper
Extra Long

Gets to the dirt you can't reach, and doesn't let go!

You can lock it at your desired length/angle, so it can be adjusted as you need to wipe up all of the grime.

(You can adjust it to three different lengths, and five different angles.)

Locks into place at
your preferred length/angle!
Easily reaches high places

Three different lengths to choose from
Full length 96cm!

Five different angles to choose from
Convenient for storage!

※Please do not try to turn it past the fifth angle.

Use the Extra Long type to clean high places or long, narrow gaps!

Clean the tops of shelves you can't normally see

Clean your light bulb covers

Clean stairs in one wipe, without even having to bend down

Convenient uses for the Extra Long type

The most effective ways of using it!

Main unit

Handy Wiper Blue/Pink

Allows you to clean those difficult 1cm wide spaces you'd given up on.

Replacement Sheets

Handy Wiper
Replacement Sheets Blue/White/Pink/Green (Fragrant)

Doesn't just stir up dust, but holds onto it and doesn't let go!

Main unit with case

Handy Wiper
With Case

Includes a convenient case you can easily take it out of when you need to.