Handy type

Handy Wiper Blue/Pink

Cleans with just one wipe, without stirring up dust and doesn't let go!

The Handy Wiper allows you to easily clean even difficult places like uneven surfaces and narrow gaps. The fibers are specially designed to pick up all dust, dirt, and hair, and not let go!

In addition to flat, curved, and uneven surfaces, it can even fit into small gaps.

※Replace the sheet if it turns dark in color.

※Some large or irregularly shaped pieces of dirt might not be able to be picked up.

150% higher* cleaning power!
Doesn't leave behind any dust, dirt, or hair,
but picks it up and doesn't let go!

*Compared to our older products

Uses antibacterial EX* fibers to prevent dust bacteria from multiplying

* Only stops bacteria from multiplying on surfaces that have been wiped with the antibacterial sheets. * Does not suppress all bacteria.

The dust suppression sheet blocks
dust from being stirred up into the air

※Dry ice used to show airflow direction while cleaning.

Fits flat, curved, and uneven surfaces, as well as tight spaces!

Even uneven surfaces can be easily cleaned with one wipe

Dust often builds up around cables

Can also clean narrow spaces

How to use the Floor Wiper

The most effective ways of using it!

The surprising feature that stops it from stirring up dust?!

The surface sheet blocks dust from being stirred up into the air!

How to set up the Wiper

Before use, check you have both the head, with sheet attached, and the clip.

Push them together until you hear a click.

※The head is inside the sheet.

※It locks into place once it clicks.

Super long type

Handy Wiper
Extra Long

Picks up the dust you can't reach by hand, and doesn't let go!

Replacement Sheets

Handy Wiper
Replacement Sheets Blue/White/Pink/Green (Fragrant)

Doesn't just stir up dust, but holds onto it and doesn't let go!

Main unit with case

Handy Wiper
With Case

Includes a convenient case you can easily take it out of when you need to.