Floor type

Floor Wiper White

Gets into those tight spaces you had given up on!

In addition to normal surfaces, it can also clean difficult spaces as narrow as 2cm wide. The head can rotate vertically, so it can fit into the vertical gaps next to furniture and appliances to clean every inch.

Get this as well!

Wet Sheets
for Floor Wiper

Get this as well!

Dry Sheets
for Floor Wiper

It has a thin, double-sided head,
and can rotate 360 degrees,
so it can fit in 2cm wide spaces!

※This is an image diagram.

Diamond pattern

With a raised diamond pattern,

the entire head picks up dirt!

※This is an image diagram.

Secure joints and soft grip

Has secure joints that lock in place.

You can change the number of sections to modify the length.

Thanks to the use of our soft grip,

it's easy to hold, and doesn't slip!

Fits into spaces as narrow as 2cm wide, so it makes it easy to clean many different areas

The spaces next to my fridge and other furniture are probably really dirty...

I haven't cleaned below the sofa in a while...

I wish I could just easily wipe off all the dust in these narrow spaces

How to use the Floor Wiper

Reaches even the most difficult areas

Change the sheet with three easy steps: Open, fasten, and close!

We also recommend this sheet changing method,

which removes the need to touch the dirty sheet!

Main unit

Floor Wiper White

Allows you to clean those difficult 2cm wide spaces you'd given up on.

Replacement Sheets

Catch dust and stickiness with just one wipe! Non-fragrant/Fragrant/Non-alcohol

Cleans even the smallest specks of dirt!

Replacement Sheets

Dry Sheets for Floor Wiper Set of 20/40

Picks up everything (including hair, sand, and breadcrumbs!) and doesn't let go!