Floor type

Wet Sheets for Floor Wiper Non-fragrant/Fragrant/Non-alcohol
〈Fits all models〉

Cleans even the smallest dirt and grime!

Moisture seeps out from the three layers of sheets, and with barely any effort, you can clean up oil, sand, hair, food, pawprints, and much more! The moisture lasts for the sheet's entire lifespan!

With a three-layer structure of wet mesh sheets,
it picks up even the smallest dirt particles

※The above is an image diagram. ※If the sheet is wet, it can wipe away dirt. ※Does not contain wax.

Cleans up all kinds of dirt and grime!
Also kills 99% of bacteria*

*Does not eliminate all bacteria.

Choose from these three types

The thick sheets and high level of moisture clean up all kinds of dirt and grime!

I'm worried there are stains on the floor

Wet sheets easily clear away pollen

Wipes up spilled food!

Super wet! Features of the Floor Wiper Wet Sheets

Explaining how great the new and improved floor wet sheet are!

Change the sheet with three easy steps: Open, fasten, and close!

We also recommend this sheet changing method,

which removes the need to touch the dirty sheet!

Main unit

Floor Wiper White

Allows you to clean those difficult 2cm wide spaces you'd given up on.

Replacement Sheets

Wet Sheets for Floor Wiper Non-fragrant/Fragrant/Non-alcohol

Cleans even the smallest specks of dirt!

Replacement Sheets

Dry Sheets for Floor Wiper Set of 20/40

Picks up everything (including hair, sand, and breadcrumbs!) and doesn't let go!